The Ascension

This chapel is located on an upland area to the west of Jerusalem, identified as the Mount of Olives, the place where Christ spent the night before he was condemned, and where his Ascension took place. The building is raised above ground level, to indicate Christ rising towards heaven, and it has an octagonal plan, like its counterpart in Jerusalem, with clear symbolism related to the Resurrection. The octagon refers to the life of a Christian, marked by the seven days of the week, but through baptism, he enters the metaphorical eighth eternal day. Inside, the scene is depicted with great simplicity and realism.

Christ ascends to heaven surrounded by angels, while below, the Virgin Mary and the Apostles watch with joy and amazement. On the floor, to the right of the entrance, there is a stone with the imprint of a right foot which, according to tradition, Christ left on the ground at the time of his Ascension. Here, as in other chapels, under the direction of Giovanni della Robbia, his three sons, Marco, Lucantonio and Simone, also had a hand in creating the artwork.

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