Along the Loops, towards the Abysses,
where the Salamanders dare
What mysteries nature gives! Near the Selva di Camporena it happens that a remote valley, less than 200 meters above sea level, has maintained a high mountain microclimate since the Ice Age and is therefore populated with wonderful creatures. It is the valley of the Carfalo stream, which flows by drawing sinuous loops by digging yellow sand walls. To follow its course and walk the labyrinth of the paths, amazing encounters are made, such as the relict forest of beech trees and monumental yews. And above all she, the Salamandrina with glasses, a small amphibian with a brown back and the belly of a bright vermilion, the same one that surrounds his lively eyes. Finally, those who dare to reach the bottom of the valley will have the sublime pleasure of drinking at the carbonated water source, drawing refreshment to continue their journey of discovery.
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