The Montaionese Summer

In Montaione, summertime means music, entertainment and culture. In Montaione, summertime means crafts and food and wine. In Montaione, summertime is a celebration and a tradition. In Montaione, summertime is about celebrating the piazzas and the land. From June to September, summertime in Montaione is an explosion of colours, sounds and flavours, and the desire to meet with friends and family and spend time together is infectious.

A lively and inviting community, Montaione goes out of its way to offer creative and artistic events that can be shared by everyone, which it uses to welcome its many guests and visitors. The most picturesque corners of the village are transformed into natural stages, where artistic and culinary pleasures meet, and the intimate ambience makes for a summer full of excitement. And it’s not only in the historic town centre, the surrounding countryside and hamlets also create the backdrop for unforgettable moments. Someone called them “hamlets filled with life”, which is particularly true in the summer, because almost every day, at dusk, when you feel the need to be inspired, somewhere in Montaione there is someone performing or cooking “al fresco”, providing moments of celebration and poetry.

New ideas and venues are added every year to a now historic list of events, such as the Classica festival of classical music concerts in San Vivaldo,  the Live Music Festivalthe food and wine events of Ciccia & Vino and Inforchett’ando, countryside hikes organised by Paesaggio Ristrovato (Rediscovering the Landscape), and the Food & craft markets. This is the Montaionese Summer, a packed schedule of events organised by the Municipality of Montaione and many local associations.

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