An ascent to Infinity
The forest is generous with those who feel the call of mystery and the unknown. A place as high as it is invisible – until it is reached – is called La Pietrina. Next to the ruined towers of an ancient castle, there is a church that for a long time housed a painting, a Madonna and child from the Middle Ages. They say that one day the painting was stolen, and then suddenly it reappeared. Since then, the locals have renewed their devotion to the Madonna every year … A legend? No, a true story. It is impervious to get here, but it means landing in another world, motionless and timeless, on the threshold of infinity: a view as far as the eye can see overlooking the Valdera, with Volterra in front, hills and towers in the distance, and perhaps, making the gaze and desire fly, the reflections of the sea.
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