Saint James the Lesser

Originally, and in the seventeenth-century Accounts of the Monastery, this chapel was attributed to St James the Greater, but since at least 1835, it has been attributed to St James the Lesser, as evidenced by the inscription on the sculpture. It is possible that over the centuries there was an overlap between the two, which was eventually resolved in favour of James the Lesser. This fact seems to be suggested by both the position of the chapel, not far from the Chapel of the Sepulchre, which corresponds to one of the places where the saint was venerated in Jerusalem, and the fact that this saint’s feast day was once celebrated on 1 May, the date of San Vivaldo’s death. Inside, St James is portrayed within a simple egg-and-dart frame, with very pronounced facial features. There is also a small church dedicated to St James the Lesser, along with St Filippo, as is tradition, located very close to San Vivaldo, in the village of Iano.

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