House of Anna

This square-plan chapel, embellished with seventeenth-century oval windows and a central oculus on the front façade, represents the house of the high priest Annas, where Jesus was tried. The sculptural group inside the chapel is cleverly integrated with the fresco behind it, giving the scene perspectival depth.

On the right, the high priest looks on as Christ is slapped by a guard, while in the fresco, a crowd of figures dressed in oriental garb, who are probably Turks, witness the scene, ready to produce false testimony in order to condemn him. The terracotta corpus is one of the most interesting artworks at San Vivaldo, because of the vitality and verisimilitude of the portrayed narrative, as well as due to the quality of the sculptural design, accentuated by the visual device adopted, which depicts the high priest sitting on a chair with a three-quarters profile, rather than a simple side view. According to tradition, the squinting figure with one closed eye to the left of the judge, who is also present in many other chapels, was inspired by an inhabitant of San Vivaldo, who had left an impression on the artists.

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