Mattone Due

Mattone Due


Over twenty-five years of passion and commitment to bring the authenticity of our lands to the table; The butchery and the salami factory Mattone Due S.r.l. they are located in a beautiful and unspoiled hilly area in the heart of Tuscany. The manufacturing and distribution process is completely internal, a short supply chain, which allows us, total control over the quality of the products and which gives our customers an integral economic and qualitative guarantee. The meats of “Chianina” and “Cinta Senese” come from Tuscan farms selected by us. The store is the place where our direct consumers evaluate and choose the products of Mattone Due, also being able to enjoy the widest choice of cured meats and not only, of course, all with an internal brand.


Via Mura 72, 50050 Montaione (FI)
Tel: +39 0571 677124


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