Live music festival

Highly suggestive settings, talented artists and an undisputed protagonist: the Music. It is the Festival of the Live Music, which for some evenings in August animates the summer of the historic center of Montaione.

A real journey between cultures in the name of musical fusion and wonder for the different. A musical event conceived and organized by the local musician Stefano Montagnani in collaboration with the Municipality of Montaione.

Each edition of the Festival manages to skillfully combine popular music and tradition, research and experimentation, in an ideal path between the peoples and lands of the world.

Jazz in its various forms, the Mediterranean or Northern European traditions, rock music, the Tuscan popolar music or the Latin American music, are just some of the proposals of the Festival, along with other original choices of rhythms, timbres and sounds that do not allow themselves to be classified into easy labels. In the background, the enchantment of the beautiful squares of the historic center of Montaione.

All concerts are free.

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