Learn to play zither

Immersed in the silence and mysticism of the Monastery of the Sisters of Iano, you can learn to play a fascinating instrument like the zither.
A real experience of growth and training to get closer to the understanding of a mythological musical instrument, with ancient origins and very strong suggestions.
The courses, divided into several levels, include the technique of the instrument (posture, breathing, simple elements of anatomy), the guide to reading the different scores for zither, the study of repertoire pieces, the accompaniment of singing and psalmody, the guide to the use of zither in the liturgy, up to improvisation and the principles of harmony applied to zither live listening.
The Monastery of Iano also offers hospitality for stays of sharing monastic life, prayer and spiritual retreat.

Fraternità di Maria Immacolata Madre – Monastero di Iano
Via Torri, 39 – 50050 Iano, Montaione (FI)
Tel: +39 0571 69482

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