The Poggio all’Aglione Park

Jogging in the shade of large oaks and tall pines; strolling in meditative solitude or in the company of two or four-legged friends; enjoying a delicious romantic or family picnic – whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to breathe in the wonderful fresh air at 460 metres above sea level and be lulled by the sounds of nature. All this and more is possible at the Poggio all’Aglione Park, which is very close to Montaione, yet feels so far away. The entrance to the park is located just 2 km from the town centre, along the road running south towards Volterra and San Gimignano. Yet, once you get there, all the sounds of civilization seem to melt away, making it feel very far away indeed.

In the summer, the only sound you’ll hear is the singing of the cicadas and the gentle rusting of a light breeze on the leaves; while in winter, the wind can sometimes be biting as it whistles through the trees, pushing visitors to seek out oases of sunshine filtering through the foliage. A section of trail No. 3 from the Green trails hiking network starts at Poggio all’Aglione Park. As you make your way down the hill on the trail, which cuts through the woodland, if you don’t make too much noise, you may be fortunate enough to come across some fawns, who will inevitably stop and look at you for a moment before gracefully leaping away to shelter.

Poggio all’Aglione park – Via Poggio all’Aglione,  Montaione
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